Projects Spring Cleaning
Jekyll, Apache and HTTP/2 Server Push
Raspberry Pi - How to Check Your Power Supply and USB Cable
Analyzing Smart Contract Public Data: AXA fizzy
Reasons To Pay For Your Own Server
abi2solidity Published
GUI for the Ethereum ABI decoder
React Native from a Mobile Developer Perspective
Git Tip: Delete Remote Tags
Keeping an eye on some interesting Bitcoin and Ethereum products
Shell tip: Generate Numbered Images
Android Material Styling
Android Dev Tip: Hide that Annoying Java Icon
Shell Tip: Search and Replace in line
List MAC addresses on your local network
Copy/Paste to your Android device or emulator
Favorite Chrome Extensions
Procmail Tip: MS Word Attachments Black Hole
Pseudo Random Number Generator and Bitcoin
Replaced ack by ag
Use Genetic Programming To Generate File Converters
Git tip: delete local branches already merged in master
Git tip: pre-commit hook – avoid commit FIXMEs
Self Hosted Encrypted Backups
System Wide gitignore
You should buy some bitcoins now (july, 8 2013)
Stay Away From Bitcoin Arbitrage If You’ve Got A Heart Condition
Redis ZSET Underlying Datastructure
Algorithm Complexity
List redis keys, filter some of them, then hget on this filtered keys
Bitcoin Arbitrage
Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunity Watcher
Start A Development WebServer – One Liner
Emulate A Mobile Device In A Desktop Chrome
Allow Chrome to do Cross Domain HttpRequest
Game Design Lesson – Super Mario Bros (NES)
POST 10 http requests, maximum 5 in parallel, data POSTed is id=1, 2, …
Extract HTTP URLs from text (html for instance)
PrettyPrint JSON data
Replace in place with perl – converting windows to unix line ending
Extract each characters from a file (to generate a _specialized_ bitmap font for example)
Rename all *.png files by their md5sum.png name
Copy source to dest if source and dest are not the same file
Easy Parallelism and Currying in Python – POST 10 HTTP requests, 5 threads maximum
POST 10 http requests, maximum 5 in parallel, data POSTed is id=1, 2, …
Sum the size of *sh files in current directory (in bytes)
Sum fields