Keeping an eye on some interesting Bitcoin and Ethereum products


  • OpenBazaar - decentralized eBay.
  • Blockai - proving ownership.
  • BitPesa - cheap remittance, RIP Western Union.
  • Blockstream - sidechains, allow new features on top of the Bitcoin blockchain without changing the protocol.
  • Trezor - hardware wallet, secure your bitcoins.


  • Akasha - decentralized social network.
  • - IoT and decentralization, e.g. rent your unused WiFi bandwidth, smart locks, etc. Previously: TheDAO.
  • uPort - Identity and reputation services.
  • Swarm - serverless hosting.

I sincerely hope to add a Decred section for the next update of this post.

Note: this is no investor advice, the topics and the solutions they propose looks very interesting to me, but I’ve no idea if there is a market for it and how they manage their companies. I was super excited about (identity and reputation services) which ended operations ~a year ago and TheDAO which resulted in an epic Ethereum fail (hard fork).