Favorite Chrome Extensions

  • StayFocusd – to limit my time spend on Hacker News and Reddit to a maximum of 10 minutes / day.
  • PocketSend to Kindle – to save articles to read them later (I’ll drop Pocket soon, I noticed I’m reading much more stuff on my Kindle).
  • Disconnect – to stay out of sight from (some) analytics and other trackers.
  • Pushbullet – to write SMS from my computer and share stuff between my Android devices and my computer.
  • uBlock Origin – because some sites are cluttered with ads, good players whitelisted.
  • HTTPS everywhere – use SSL when available.
  • Stylish (to apply a Dark theme on my favorite sites: GitHub for example – reduce eye strain).
  • Tampermonkey – with a bunch of home-made scripts hacks.