Copy/Paste to your Android device or emulator

I’ve been using the stock Android emulator these days. And the lack of copy/paste is annoying. There is a way to input text to any adb connect devices using adb shell input text, so I added a couple of functions to my .zshrc (works with bash too).

ai () { echo "$@" | sed "s/%/%%/g" | sed "s/ /\%\s/g" | xargs adb shell input text }
alias aip='pbpaste -Prefer txt | sed "s/%/%%/g" | sed "s/ /\%\s/g" | xargs adb shell input text'

Usage, to input text (including spaces) to your device:

$ ai test is cool

Usage, to paste the text in your clipboard to your device:

$ aip

Note: works on OS X, replace pbpaste -Prefer txt by the linux / windows equivalent.